Get these gifts FREE when you try Annie's Crochet Afghan Block-of-the-Month Club!

Gift 1

Handy Stitch Guide

This pocket-size guide is packed with stitch illustrations, abbreviations of commonly used stitches, terms and helpful hints. To finish your Stitch Sampler Afghan -- and all your crochet projects -- with ease, keep this FREE must-have guide at your fingertips!

Gift 2

Tapestry Needle

This tapestry needle will be useful in sewing up seams and weaving in any loose yarn ends.

Gift 3 & 4

Size H Crochet Hook

Size I Crochet Hook

INDISPENSIBLE! Crochet lovers appreciate these durable, aluminum hooks. They're lightweight, easy and comfortable to grip. Arriving in a handy sleeve along with your first shipment, you'll use them every block of the way!